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We grow our berries free of herbicides and pesticides

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Upcoming Farmers Market for May

* May 4th (Penticton Farmers Market) 8:30 - 1pm

* May 11th- 12th Okanagan Falls( Stag's Hollow Winery) 11- 5pm

* May 18th (Penticton Farmers Market) 8:30 - 1pm

* May 25th (Penticton Farmers Market) 8:30 - 1pm

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Try our Gourmet line of product. We have something for everyone in the family to  enjoy. 

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Sunkiss Acres, located in the scenic and sunny Garnet Valley in Summerland is a six acre family run Haskap Berry Farm.

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"Haskap" Super Berry!

Haskap is the Japanese name for Lonicera caerulea also known as Honeyberry and Edible Blue Honeysuckle.

Nutrient-packed super-food and very high in antioxidants, Haskap is unlike any other fruit you've tried. With some berries as large as your thumb and names such as " Boreal Beauty and Beast", "Aurora" and "Indigo Gem" to name a few, the flavor seems to change with varieties. Some have compared its taste to saskatoon berries, blueberries, raspberries, and black currants. The seeds are similar to that of kiwis, so you don't even notice them.

As for its uses, basically anything you would do with blueberries, you could also do with Haskap - eat them fresh, frozen, in jam or jellies or whatever else you may think of.

Haskap berries are a treat that shouldn't be missed. They are early season producers and may be the first fruits harvested in spring.

Pick up your seasonal fruits from Sunkiss Acres. We have been told by many of our customers that they simply love our berries, and we can’t say we blame them. That’s because everything we grow at Sunkiss Acres is grown with love, so our food looks better, smells better, and tastes better. Try it out yourself.

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Our farm

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The Haskap Field

This is where we invite our customers to come and pick delicious Haskap berries when in season ( usually end of June to end of July) . We take great pride in growing our Haskap plants so they can produce healthy berries that are free of herbicides and pesticides.


Haskap berries

The flavorful Haskap berries are very delicate; the skin is thin and the berry is very juicy. We must exercise great care when picking, sorting and packaging. This is why we pick our berries by hand.


Gourmet Product

Our Haskap Vanilla Jam has this sweet and tangy flavor of the Haskap berries with the smoothness of the vanilla. A delicious topping for cheese cake. Visit our complete line of product.


Our Fur Babies

Meet Arny and Bo, the family and farm dogs. They love to meet our customers and say "Hi " with a good lick and will  follow you around. They really like some attention!


Our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We have completed our Environmental Farm Plan

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