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Haskap Sugar Free              Jam

Our “Sugar Free Haskap Jam” sweetened with Monk fruit make this jam an excellent choice for diabetic and keto customers.


Sugar Free_edited.jpg

Haskap BBQ Sauce

The perfect balance of sweet and tang of our Haskap berries, with a hint of smoke flavor and heated spice. This gives our BBQ sauce its distinctive taste and enhances the natural flavor of your meats. This sauce is amazing on chicken, ribs, pork chops and all sorts of
meat and as dipping sauce.


BBQ Sauce.jpg
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Haskap Lemon Jam

Haskap Lemon Jam has that little extra zing for the lemon enthusiasts. Serve on toasts and bagels.

$ 11.00

Lemon Jam.jpg
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Haskap Vanilla Jam

The Haskap Vanilla Jam has this sweet and tangy flavor of the Haskap berries with the smoothness of the vanilla.

$ 11.00

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Haskap Syrup

The Haskap Syrup contains bits of Haskap berries and is excellent on waffles, pancakes or crepes and it makes delicious cocktails.

$ 12.00

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Haskap Chili Jelly

Our Haskap Chili Jelly has just the right amount of heat without compromising the flavor. It pairs well with a charcuterie board.


Products: What's Happening
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